Where are they Now? – Steve Chase

We checked in with former Angus Youth member Steve Chase to see where he is now and what he learnt as an Angus Youth member!

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What is your earliest memory participating in Angus Youth activities?

My earliest memory was the Angus Youth Roundup in 1997, held in Armidale.

What activity/event stands out to you the most (eg Roundup, leadership clinic, scholarships etc)?

The leadership clinic was fantastic.  Also, being involved in the Youth Program as Roundup Co-ordinator was a tremendous learning experience.

In terms of opportunities that you received for being part of Angus Youth, how did your involvement positively influence your development in the beef cattle industry?

Angus Youth helped influence my development as I got a taste of what the Angus breed has to offer and met some positive and enthusiastic people.  I also gained more of an insight into the workings of Angus Australia.

What were the key learnings you developed as a member of Angus Youth, through the program?

The biggest thing for me being part of Angus youth was being involved in the committees and gaining an understanding of what it takes to run events and work together as a team.  I also realised that is important and rewarding to give back to the next group of young people the same opportunities I was given by those who went before me.

How are you involved in the beef cattle industry now/where are you now?

I am involved in the beef industry as a producer. Our family operation, Waitara Angus, joins 600 stud and commercial cows a year and we also background a similar number of steers for Kerwee feedlot.  We are a co-operator herd for the Angus Sire Benchmarking Program and also contribute bulls from time to time.

Why would you encourage others to become involved in the Angus Youth Program?

Angus Youth allows young people many opportunities to get involved in the beef industry, from scholarships to Roundup to being involved at a committee level and gaining an appreciation of what a great program we are part of.  It is also a great opportunity to help influence the direction of Angus through what you achieve as part of Angus Youth.

Top Image: Steve Chase (right) exhibiting the Reserve Champion lightweight steer at the 2017 Sydney Royal Easter Show, with Alastair Rayner.



Steve Chase (2003) & Annie Scott (nee Reen) 2001