With the Efficient Beef Field Day and Verified Black Angus Beef BBQ Competition taking place around the November meeting of the Angus Australia Board of Directors, the Angus Youth Consultative Committee took the opportunity to have their first face to face meeting in almost two years.

Heading to Armidale in a week that celebrated all things Angus gave the consultative committee members the perfect opportunity to not only set the direction of the Angus Youth program for the next little while, but to also spend time with Board members, Angus members and beef industry representatives.

For Angus Youth Consultative Committee Chair, Murk Schoen, Corowa NSW, being a part of this committee is all about creating a brighter future for the Angus breed.

‘The consultative Committee is a link between the Youth and the Board and getting new ideas forward from a Youth level to support, to train, to educate, so that we can encourage and create a succession plan for the future of the breed.’

‘I encourage people to get involved with this program because any time you can have a voice at the table is critically important so that you help be part of decision and make plans and create a future.’

Sam Finlayson, Armidale NSW brings a different perspective to the table for the Youth program having come from a commercial and Angus branded beef background.

‘The Angus Youth Consultative Committee is a bridging voice between the youth and the broader Angus Community. The committee is there to help vocalise any matters or Youth opportunities and while I did not come up through the traditional youth channels, being involved gives me the chance to bring some different ideas to the table.’

Ruby Canning, Mortlake Vic, has been involved with Angus Youth for many years and her involvement is about giving back and ensuring the longevity of the program.

‘It is wonderful to be in Armidale with so many like minded people, other youth members and to interact with the Angus Board.’

‘It is an exciting committee to be part of because we are able to establish and guide the strategy that contributes to the growth of Angus Youth. It’s about setting the cornerstones of who we are and how we want to help contribute to Angus Youth.’

‘It is a role I am passionate about and being able to help create the opportunities, networking, engagement and mentoring that is available through the Angus Youth Program is something I am very proud of.’




Feature Image: Angus Youth Consulttaive Committee Members, Jack Laurie, Monique McKinnon, Ruby Canning, Murk Schoen and Sam Finlayson at the Angus Australia Office.