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The Verified Black Angus Beef BBQ Competition will be an Australasian Barbeque Alliance sanctioned event and will host 20 of the best BBQ teams from around the country in a competition for a share in over $10,000 worth of cash and prizes. The following teams have confirmed their attendance, so PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS NOW!


Smooth & Smoakey Salad Dodgers

The Smooth & Smoakey Salad Dodgers (SSSD) formed in 2020 with Justin Caldwell & Mitch Barnes. The team is committed to learning and hopes to surprise the more experienced teams after winning 1st Place Brisket at BaconFest Kingaroy with 299 points from a possible 300. The boys are yet to win Grand Champion in 2022, however have come away as bridesmaids in a few comps. SSSD were ranked 7th in Australia & New Zealand in 2021 and it must be their lucky number as they are currently ranked 7th this year.






Smokin’ Hot n Saucy Barbecue

Smokin’ Hot n Saucy Barbecue is a family team of husband, Rob Thraves, and wife, Randi. Randi is from Texas and grew up in a BBQ family, so their techniques, flavours, and training are authentic to Texas BBQ. Together they have 3 children and Texas BBQ is our full time business with resturants in Newcastle and in Penrith. They have received many awards along with some Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champions over many years with a highlight being 2018 Meatstock Grand Champions in Sydney. We are excited to cook at the VBAB BBQ Comp as preparation to compete in the World’s Championship BBQ Contest in Houston, Texas.






Jacks’ Creek BBQ Team

Jacks’ Creek BBQ Team are a Sydney based food sports team made up of team members Lukas Armstrong and Shane Harris. We have been competing since 2015 with a multitude of Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion wins. We have finished in the top 10 every year since the Australasian Barbeque Alliance Championship Points competitions began. Our aim is to always be the best we can in food sports. We look forward to coming back to our hometown of Armidale to compete at the Verified Black Angus Beef Invitational BBQ Competition in November.








Country Boys BBQ

Country Boys BBQ formed in 2016 after five life long mates found a passion for ‘low and slow’ BBQ after seeing the BBQ Pitmasters series on Foxtel. They are is a Grand Championship winning BBQ team with eight Grand Champions, nine Reserve Grand Champions and multiple first place wins to their name. Some highlights include Grand Champion Meatstock NZ 2017, back to back Grand Champions at Townsville BBQ Battle 2020/2021, Brisket Kings at Bundy BBQ Battle 2021 and 3rd placed overall ABA team of the year 2021.







Butter Beard BBQ

Butterbeard BBQ is three mates who all met through BBQ. Our team started in 2018 with Adrian and James and Nick from Scotch and Smoke BBQ joined the team this year.Butterbeard have sat in the ABA top 10 whilst focusing on redefine their flavours. 2022 has seen the team win a two Grand Champions and a Reserve Grand Champion, along with being placed in the top three at Meatstock Melbourne for three different classes.







Signature Smoke

Signature Smoke is based Brisbane consisting of long term partners Sonia Cattell and Stix. Our competition highlights include Reserve Grand Champion at Kingaroy Baconfest 2022 and Grand Champions of Bundaberg BBQ Battle 2021 competing against 38 of the best teams in the Australiasian BBQ Alliance. Low n Slow is our passion and creating fabulous fresh food while having fun.







Pit Crew BBQ

Pit Crew BBQ is Graeme “Big Red” Stockdale, Michael Dean and anyone who wants to come along for the ride. Well known for their very relaxed view about competition BBQ, these lads have just come off a Grand Champion finish at the inaugural Corndale Bootleg BBQ Bash. Big Red is head pit master at Lismore’s Stockpot Kitchen, and was recently inducted into the Australasian Barbecue Alliance hall of fame.








Tex Aus BBQ

Tex Aus BBQ is 4 good mates Adam, Johnny, Darren and Gus from Lake Macquarie. They have been flying the low and slow BBQ flag for the last 8 years. 10 years agp whilst visiting friends in Texas, our low and slow BBQ passion began, hence the name Tex Aus BBQ. Their custom made trailer pit, made by Silver Creek Smokers in Melbourne, is one of a kind and catches everyone’s eye. They have won a number of Grand Championships, performed on the live stage at Meatstock and traveling back to Houston, Texas and competed at Houston Rodeo and BBQ comp.






Lamb Shank Redemption

Lamb Shank Redemption is a bunch of mates that built their own pit for one thing, and one thing only… BBQing some kickass meat.








Raw Meat Experts

The Raw Meat Experts are the most enthusiastic amateur BBQ specialists you have ever seen! Hailing from the local university, these lads know lots about very little but are experts in the appreciation and measurement of Australian red meat. They were Champions in ‘Anything Lamb’ at the inaugural Armidale Big Chill Festival in 2021, so pose little threat to other teams. However the team has been quietly honing their skills, ready to take home the big cheque or just have a blast!






Smoked Beyond Smoked

Smoked Beyond Smoked is Daniel Barrington and his wife Jess from Brisbane bringing you all things low and slow and grilling over fire. Finishing 9th overall on the national ABA leaderboard last year, they expect to once again finish in the top 10 for 2022. Their recent achievements include Grand Champion at Brisbane BBQ Fest 2021, Grand Champion at Oakey BBQ Fest 2022 and 4x first place beef trophies already this year.








Big GC’s BBQ

Big GC’s BBQ originally hail from Wingham, NSW and are now based in Toowoomba QLD. Grant & Fiona Colemans are passionate, self-taught pitmasters who began competing on the Australian BBQ circuit in 2016 and have travelled the USA & the Australian ABA circuit since that time as part of several teams. They have introduced & mentored many new people to the sport of BBQ. Big GC’s BBQ hold an impressive number of Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champions, but one of their proudest accomplishments came in 2018 when they represented Australia at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo World Championship BBQ Contest in the USA taking out 2nd place in the Brisket category using Verified Black Angus Beef brand, Angus Reserve. Big GC’s BBQ will continue to promote the Verified Black Angus Beef brands as it has proven to be a winner in BBQ across the world.






Meat Graffiti BBQ

Meat Graffiti BBQ has been on the BBQ circuit for three years and has had several trophies and top tens during this time. For the Verified Black Angus Beef BBQ Comp we will have a team designed to give us the best chance at challenging to take out the ultimate prize. Come say hello and watch us in action.







Awesome Ugly BBQ

Awesome Ugly BBQ are from the Sunshine Coast, born out of a need to be involved in a team sport, but with the constraints of not having any actual sporting ability. Much like the rugby flyhalf we wished we could be, we’ve run a pivot play and landed in competition BBQ. We are awesome people, wearing ugly clothes, cooking awesome food. But the name awesome ugly awesome bbq seemed harder to market. We’re super friendly and keen to chat anything BBQ or comic book related so please make sure you stop by and say hello and check out our BBQThe HULK, and Black Widow.






Undisputed BBQ

Undisputed BBQ is from Brisbane and consists of Jesse and his wife Jana Rowlings. With only 1 ABA competition prior to 2022, they have had a great year competing and are looking forward to capping it off at the Verified Black Angus Beef BBQ Competition in Armidale.