Guidelines for relocating & ongoing management of Angus bulls

Guidelines for relocating & ongoing management of Angus bullsBanner

Angus is a temperate beef breed known for genetics that provide are range of advantages to beef breeding programs including fertility, beef quality, market demand and polledness. These features offer many benefits to northern beef breeding programs, particularly through cross breeding systems. There are however some important considerations for the successful use and ongoing management of Angus and Angus influenced cattle in northern Australia production systems. 

This module will provide understanding on the considerations for: 

  • Commercial and seedstock breeders in northern Australia utilising Angus and Angus influenced genetics, and 
  • Seedstock breeders in southern Australia sending Angus genetics (e.g. bulls) to the north, 

This focuses on the northern Australia regions of northern Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory. 

Angus Australia acknowledges the funds provided by the Australian Government through the Meat & Livestock Australia Donor Company (MDC).  

This resource was created as a result of a collaboration between Angus Australia and Meat & Livestock Australia Donor Company (MDC) (Project P.PSH.1063).

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