2014 – Toowoomba, QLD

In January 2014, over 150 young cattle enthusiasts headed up the hill to Toowoomba to participate in the Angus Youth event of the year – the Angus Youth National Roundup 2014. Held over 4 days, the roundup attracts participants from ages 8-25 with all levels of cattle experience and provides both a learning and fun experience for all.

The Angus Youth Roundup, organised by a group of volunteers, comprised of educational sessions, various competitions and many activities. Additionally, a huge range of scholarships and awards were presented to Angus Youth’s most outstanding members.

A special Dinner and Auction was held on the Saturday night. Featured lots in the auction included a Herd book registered Heifer generously donated by Raff Beef Cattle and a headbail donated by Leichts CIA. These two items in the auction alone raised $ 4,000 and $2,000 respectively, ensuring Angus Youth gained assistance to fund this important event.

A big thank you goes out to Boss Constructions the major sponsor of the Roundup, plus all the other sponsors who will be featured in next weeks’ eNews.

We extend our congratulations to the 2014 Roundup committee for organising such a successful event, plus the many volunteers (including parents) who make the event run so smoothly.

2014 Roundup Results

2014 Trans-Tasman Exchange – Lauren Berecry

Te Mania Most Potential Breeder Award – Ben Emery

Bulliac Angus Studmaster Award – Murk Schoen

Bulliac Angus Heifer Recipient – Angus, Kaiti & Will McGregor

Matthew George Citizenship Award – John McKenna

Lanark Angus SAJHE Award – Angus McGregor

Outwest Angus National All Breeds Heifer Show Award – Jack Laurie

EJ Angus Encouragement Award – Heidi Nicholls

Best Maintained Stall – Orlanga Angus

Best Presented Animal – Grant Bulloch

Angus Youth Ambassador’s – Jasmin Ramage, Brianna Barron, Kristen Fredericksen & Angus McGregor

Champion Pee Wee: Maggie Halliday
Reserve Champion Pee Wee: Mitchell Franz
3rd: Riley Weller
4th: Casey Halliday
5th: Augustus Claxton
Encouragement Award: Mackenzie Semmens & Max Stewart

Champion Junior: Lachlan Ware
Reserve Junior Champion: Emma Costello
3rd: Mikaela Ross
4th: Ruby Van den Hoek
5th: Bethany Bayliss
Encouragement Award: Nick Graham & Jordan Merchant

Champion Sub Intermediate: Brianna Barron
Reserve Sub Intermediate Champion: Heidi Nicholls
3rd: Jack Laurie
4th: Sophie Bulmer
5th: John Hayward
Encouragement Award: Taine Fredrickson & Paul Murphy

Champion Intermediate: Emily Hurst
Reserve Intermediate Champion: Jack Griffiths
3rd: Steph Johnston
4th: Catherin Nicholls
5th: Eliza Quinn
Encouragement Award: India Patch & Alex Maloney

Champion Seniors: Lauren Berecry
Reserve Senior Champion: Jasmin Nixon
3rd: Hannah Powe
4th: Tonya Haward
5th: Jane Dockrill
Encouragement Award: Martin Ebbs & Chloe Gould

Champion Pee Wee: Maggie Halliday
Reserve Champion Pee Wee: Riley Weller

Champion Junior: Georgie Laurie
Reserve Junior Champion: Benn Ried

Champion Sub Intermediate: Sarah Peters
Reserve Sub Intermediate Champion: Jack Laurie

Champion Intermediate: Jack Griffiths
Reserve Intermediate Champion: Amy Munro

Champion Seniors: Hannah PaowJack Griffiths
Reserve Intermediate Champion: Amy Munro

Champion Pee Wee: Lachlan Spry
Reserve Champion Pee Wee: Charlie David Raff

Champion Junior: Olivia Bolton
Reserve Junior Champion: Emma Costello

Champion Sub Intermediate: Aimee Bolton
Reserve Sub Intermediate Champion: Heidi Nicholls

Champion Intermediate: Claudia Nielson
Reserve Intermediate Champion: Hannah Bird

Champion Seniors: Steph Franklin
Reserve Seniors: Lauren Berecry