The Angus Foundation, Accelerating and Enhancing the Angus Breed 

Critical objective 5 for Angus Australia is to ‘Attract, develop and retain talent to accelerate and enhance the Angus breed’. One of the Key Outcomes under this objective is to ‘Develop Future Leaders – through scholarships, training programs and internships, encourage and develop individuals commencing their careers in the beef industry.’ 

Throughout the course of 2023, the Angus Foundation has been doing exactly this by providing a myriad of educational opportunities for young beef industry leaders through the scholarships, awards and bursaries that are on offer. 

These programs are designed to encourage and assist the involvement of young people in the Australian beef industry, to provide professional development opportunities for young beef breeders, and to assist in conducting research, development and educational programs for the benefit of Angus breeders and the wider Australian beef industry. 

Congratulation to everyone that has been a beneficiary of the Angus Foundation in 2023. 

– Diana Wood, Marketing & Communications Manager

Adam AllinghamAchmea GenAngus Future Leaders Program 

Riley BadenochTocal Beef Cattle Assessment Course 

John Barnett  – Neogen Production Tour

Philip BaylyAchmea GenAngus Future Leaders Program 

Victoria BennetAchmea GenAngus Future Leaders Program 

Zeke BennetAchmea GenAngus Future Leaders Program 

James BlythAchmea GenAngus Future Leaders Program 

Ed BradleyAchmea GenAngus Future Leaders Program 

Josephine Cox – AuctionsPlus Cadetship 

Libby FalkinerTocal Beef Cattle Assessment Course & Kansas State University 

Alex Ferguson – Trans Tasman Travel Bursary 

Lori Fogarty – Achmea GenAngus Future Leaders Program 

Georgia Graham – Neogen Production Tour

Edwina Hall – Tocal Beef Cattle Assessment Course 

Sophie Hanna – Tocal Beef Cattle Assessment Course 

Natalia Harris – Achmea GenAngus Future Leaders Program 

Corey McKinnon – Achmea GenAngus Future Leaders Program 

Peter McNamaraAchmea GenAngus Future Leaders Program 

Millie MooreTocal Beef Cattle Assessment Course 

Sarah Nesbitt – Neogen Production Tour

Annia Palmer – Angus National Conference Scholarship 

Chloe Plowman – NH Foods Australia Cadetship & ARCBA Young Breed Leaders Workshop 

Hannah Powe – Achmea GenAngus Future Leaders Program 

Tom Pumpa  – Neogen Production Tour

Will Richards – Achmea Australia Cadetship 

Alkira Riley – Neogen Production Tour

Emily Scrivener – SmartBeef

Hamish Smith – SmartBeef

Tyla Sparks – Neogen Production Tour

Tom TahenyAchmea GenAngus Future Leaders Program 

Cooper Walsh  – Neogen Production Tour

Sean Wright – ARCBA Young Breed Leaders Workshop

Charlie Wrigley – Neogen Production Tour

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