Host the revamped Meat and Livestock Australia BredWell FedWell workshop on your property!

You, your peers and clients will hear the latest research and know-how on breeding and feeding your livestock to optimise production and productivity for your enterprise.

Angus Australia is proud to announce we now have trained and approved deliverers to deliver the revamped BredWell FedWell in your area. Jake Phillips and Jen Peart are now on the lookout for suitable host properties to hold the BredWell FedWell workshops in 2023.

BredWell FedWell is a practical, one day introductory workshop focusing on how productivity and profitability can be improved with good breeding and feeding throughout the livestock production cycle with a specific focus on profit drivers. Producers can use the outcomes of the workshop to plan a genetics and nutrition regime suited to their environment and markets to boost profitability. Workshops are hosted on-farm and facilitated by professional deliverers and include presentations, along with practical sessions focused on sire selection. The workshop aims to improve the knowledge and skills of producers so they can:

  • develop a breeding plan for their livestock enterprise aligned to their profit drivers;
  • identify sires and select animals that help them achieve their objectives;
  • feed animals well to achieve their objectives and maximise their genetic investment

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To register your interest in hosting an event delivered by Angus Australia, please complete the expressions of interest form HERE.

Full host guidelines can be found HERE. For more information, please contact Jake Phillips 0401 261 217