Meat and Livestock Australia’s BredWell FedWell Workshop – South Killanoola

Want to find out about breeding and feeding to maximise profit?   

“South Killanoola” is hosting a Meat & Livestock Australia BredWell FedWell workshop on November 8, 2023 – these full day interactive workshops work though breeding and feeding strategies designed to maximise profitability.  

Join us on for Meat and Livestock Australia’s BredWell FedWell – South Killanoola workshop to: 

  • Develop a customised breeding plan for your livestock enterprise aligned to your profit drivers
  • Identify sires and select animals using breeding values that help you meet your objectives
  • Learn about feeding animals well to achieve your objective and maximise your genetic investment

The workshop will be hosted by Dean and Jenny Eastwood, CC Seymour & Co and delivered by Angus Australia’s Extension Manager, Jake Phillips.  

Workshop Date: 8 November 2023 

When: 8:30am for 9am–4:30pm 

Where: “South Killanoola”, 113 South Killanoola Road, Bool Lagoon SA 5721 

Hosted by: Dean and Jenny Eastwood, CC Seymour & Co 

Registration fee – inc GST – Introductory price: $200 per person 

Register online by: 25 October 2023  

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