Hello everyone, and welcome to my second edition of “Member Service Matters” Spring edition!

As the weather warms up outside, our team continues to stay active and engaged as we welcome numerous new members to the “Angus Family”.

Undoubtedly, the sale season is now in full swing. We are witnessing a remarkable surge in Registrations, Inventories, Transfers, Performance data, and Genomic testing. These past few months have been a whirlwind of activity. On behalf of the Member Services team, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all of our members. Your commitment to submitting your work during this period, while also managing the demands of preparing for your animal sales, does not go unnoticed. We recognize the challenges you face and commend your unwavering dedication and commitment to maintaining the high standards of the Angus breed.

Furthermore, I’d like to express my gratitude to our dedicated MSO team who have shown immense diligence during what has proven to be the most bustling period that Member Services has encountered to date.

GenAngus Future Leaders Program

I was fortunate enough to attend the 2023 GenAngus Future Leaders Program at the end of May in Adelaide, SA, alongside the 11 most inspiring emerging leaders in the beef industry I have met to date. The three-day workshop has been the highlight for me this year bringing together industry experts, technology enthusiasts, and thought leaders to delve into the latest advancements, trends, and challenges shaping the future of cattle farming.

The program encouraged collaboration, networking, and knowledge exchange, ultimately inspiring myself and the other participants to embrace innovation while honouring the traditions of the industry – while also having a great time. This program should be on every young person’s bucket list to apply for, you definitely won’t regret it!

Angus Week

We have successfully concluded Angus Week, during which our entire remote working Angus Australia team gathered in the office for staff development, the Angus Youth Consultative Committee Meeting & Board Committee meetings. Throughout the week, the MSO team had the opportunity to reconnect with Jake and Nancy from the Extension team, who are engaged in conducting Angus Empower visits in the field. These visits aime to enhance members’ comprehension and utilisation of the diverse resources available within the society. Additionally, they gather invaluable feedback from the membership, enabling us to collaboratively brainstorm more streamlined and effective approaches to our teamwork to service the society and its members to the best of our ability. With the working relationships I personally witnessed over the week, the future of Angus has never looked stronger.

DNA Services

It’s truly fascinating to witness the remarkable growth in the DNA space, with an impressive 40% increase in volume compared to the previous year. This expansion holds great promise for maintaining the integrity of the Angus breed and its community members. The recent staff changes have been significant, with Katie Carlon stepping into the role of DNA processing.

Katie’s one-on-one training under the guidance of DNA expert Nicky (Carey) Wallace and the profound knowledge of all things Angus by Tammy McLeod, are bound to provide her with the skills and expertise needed to excel in this field. With such dedicated mentors and a solid support system in place, there’s every reason to believe that Katie will successfully navigate the challenges of the DNA space and ensure the seamless operation of the DNA pipeline.

The combination of growth, capable leadership, and expert guidance sets a positive trajectory for the society’s DNA endeavours, ultimately contributing to the continued success and advancement of Angus Australia and its members.

If you have any issues regarding Membership, Registrations, Transfers, Performance Recording, DNA, Export Certification, the Angus Australia website/angus.tech or any general enquiries please call and speak to one of our Member Service Officers or myself either by email or phone 02 6773 4600.

I’m always happy to hear from members, please feel free to email: adam.allingham@ angusaustralia.com.au.

Best regards,
Adam Allingham
Acting Member Services Manager