The year 2023 has presented us with numerous challenges, but it has also highlighted the extraordinary efforts put forth by our dedicated members. As the Angus breed is renowned for its strength, adaptability, and consistent quality, these qualities are equally reflected in all the individuals that make up our Angus Australia family.

The MSO team would like to recognize the tireless work that you, our members, have poured into your herds and the breed. Your dedication to Angus, your commitment to improving genetics, and your efforts to uphold the breed’s integrity are truly commendable.

Summer, with its sweltering heat and dwindling pastures, presents its unique set of trials for our members. Angus cattle, while renowned for their resilience, still need careful attention to thrive during the hottest months, with heat stress and reduced feed availability being common challenges. However, I want to assure you that Angus Australia is here to support you as you navigate through the summer season.


Angus cattle exports have seen a significant resurgence in 2023, with a particular focus on meeting increased certification requirements. This has been a key area of attention for both myself and our dedicated Member Service Officer, Sarah Scott.

Throughout the year, both Sarah and I have been working diligently, in close collaboration with our members and export company staff, to uphold the integrity and quality of Angus cattle destined for international markets. I am grateful for Sarah’s unwavering commitment and dedication to this aspect of our operations.

One common challenge that has come to our attention repeatedly in the export process is related to lapsed memberships. We kindly remind all our members to ensure their memberships are up to date when using these export services. Your attention to this detail is crucial in ensuring a seamless and efficient export process and avoiding any unnecessary delays or complications.

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A friendly reminder to our members to submit your 2023 registrations if you still need to do so.

For those who have already submitted, we request you dedicate some time to address any outstanding animal registrations that may have not been attended to yet.

Late registration fees can accumulate swiftly when least expected, and we all wish to avoid unnecessary extra charges. If you are uncertain whether you have any incomplete or pending registrations, I urge you to reach out to our member services team at your earliest convenience for clarification. Your proactive approach will help ensure a smooth and cost-effective registration process.

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DNA Services

The demand for DNA testing services at Angus Australia continues on a remarkable growth trajectory, with a total of over 66,000 genomic tests and more than 84,000 genetic condition test requests received so far this year.

This substantial surge in testing activity has presented a considerable challenge for our diligent Member Services team and our dedicated DNA coordinator Katie Carlon, and I express my gratitude to them for their dedication and efforts over the past year.

Should you have any enquiries pertaining to your current DNA orders, require information on DNA processing procedures, seek clarification on turnaround times, wish to access order forms, or have general questions, we encourage you to connect directly with Katie. Katie is readily available for your assistance and can be contacted via phone or email. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are of utmost importance to us, and we are committed to ensuring your DNA testing needs are met with the highest level of service and professionalism.

Katie Carlon – Ph: (02) 6773 4618 or E:

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Should you have any issues regarding Membership, Registrations, Transfers, Performance Recording, DNA, Export Certification, the Angus Australia website/ or any general enquiries please call and speak to one of our Member Service Officers or myself either by email or phone 02 6773 4600.

I’m always happy to hear from members, please feel free to email:


Best Regards,
Adam Allingham
Member Services Manager