As Angus Australia surpasses 350,000 genotypes in the TACE analysis each fortnight with continued rapid growth, we have been able to work with our collaborating partners to provide the most up to date information for those considering how the technology might apply to them and their breeding programs.   

We are pleased to bolster our industry leading Angus Education Centre with a new education module that explains the What, How, Why and When of genomics technology. The Genomics – What, How, Why & When Education Centre module helps breeders and service providers understand how the technology works and how in assists Angus breeders to have the very best information available when making breeding decisions using TACE EBVs.  

While Angus Australia has been making significant strides in this education space for the past decade, a significant proportion of the content, including research, has been made available through industry collaboration with partners such as AGBU, Sheep Genetics and Neogen. Supporting the Angus Education Centre module is the recently released Demystifying DNA Technology booklet that has been made possible through various stakeholders and service providers.   

“This is an exciting development in our evolution of educational resources to support Angus cattle breeders to make better, more informed, breeding decisions with their cattle,” said Angus Australia Extension Manager Jake Phillips.  

“The DNA technology adoption has been significant across the Angus industry and now we have a fantastic suite of educational materials to help support the decisions being made when considering this technology.”  

For further information and support regarding genomic technologies, please contact Angus Australia Extension staff on (02) 6773 4600.    

Visit the Angus Education Centre Module