Nomination of State elected and National elected Directors 2022

In accordance with the Constitution of the Angus Society of Australia, 2 National elected Director positions (currently held by Sam White and Hamish McFarlane), along with State elected Directors for the states of NSW (currently held by Erica Halliday), Tasmania (currently held by Jock Hughes) and Western Australia (currently held by Andrew Kuss) are required to vacate their positions and, if they are eligible, may stand for election again.

Full or Honorary Life members from any state may also nominate themselves or another Full or Honorary Life member as a National elected Director. In addition, Full or Honorary Life Members having their registered address in NSW, Tasmania or Western Australia may nominate, or be nominated by another Full or Honorary Life Member in their state, as a State elected Director.

If necessary, a ballot among Full and Honorary Life members will be conducted to elect one State elected Director from each of the above listed states, and 2 National elected Directors. Only those Full and Honorary Life members having their registered address in the particular state will be eligible to vote for State elected Directors. All Full and Honorary Life members, irrespective of their registered address, will be eligible to vote for the National elected Director positions.

Nominations for either State elected Director positions or the National elected Director position, or both, can be made on the attached Director Nomination Form. Section A of the form must be completed and signed by both the nominator and the nominee (self-nomination is acceptable). Section B, the consent to act as a director, must also be signed by the nominee. An Election Statement (Section C) up to 300 words addressing the specified headings may also be provided by the nominee for circulation to members if an election is required (an electronic version of this template is available from the Angus Australia office).

Nominations must be received at The Angus Society of Australia Limited’s registered office by 5.00pm (AEST) on Friday 1st April 2022.

The registered office mailing address is as follows:

The Angus Society of Australia Limited

86 Glen Innes Road

Armidale NSW 2350

Nominations can also be emailed as an attachment to

Nominations will be acknowledged on receipt, and progressively listed on the Angus Australia website, as per Board policy.

Kathryn Duddy
Company Secretary