The Verified Black Angus Beef BBQ competition allowed Angus producers to experience first-hand preparation of the premium Angus product they contribute to. 

Throughout the BBQ we caught up with brand representatives, producers, industry representatives and the pitmasters to chat about anything and everything relating to Verified Black Angus Beef! 


Macka’s Australian Black Angus Beef provided the brisket for the competition, and we caught up with Robert Mackenzie and Andrew Shofay during the BBQ to talk all things Macka’s. 

For more information on Macka’s Australian Black Angus Beef CLICK HERE  



Jack’s Creek Black Angus, provided the tritip and we caught up with Jack’s Creek Marketing Manager Nathalia Garcia Castro, the Jack’s Creek BBQ Team and Knowla Livestock’s James Laurie to talk all things Jack’s Creek. 

For more information on Jack’s Creek Black Angus CLICK HERE  



NH Foods Australia provided Angus Reserve Beef Cheeks and Picanha and we caught up with Nadine Giusti, (Brand Manager, NH Foods Australia), Peter McGilchrist, (The Raw Meat Experts), Doug Piper, (MLA Corporate Butcher), Bronson McLay, (Livestock Buyer, NH Foods Whyalla Beef & Wingham Beef Exports), Shannon Walker and the Smooth & Smoakey Salad Dodgers during the BBQ to discuss Angus Reserve.

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