The new year truly kicked off with a bang as 166 of Angus Australia youngest members converged in Tamworth for the 2024 NH Foods Angus Youth National Roundup, which took place January 10th to 13th. 

Over four days, young Angus beef cattle enthusiasts from around Australia and New Zealand took over the Australia Equine and Livestock Events Centre (AELEC) and were most definitely kept busy participating in a range of activities from education sessions, cattle classes, junior judging, paraders to the chute to showring competition, a cooking demonstration with NH Foods Brand Partner Chef Jason Roberts and the crowd favourite Barnyard Olympics. 

The event concluded with a Gala Dinner which showcased the Roundup Special Awards presentations and the Angus Foundation Auction, which raised a phenomenal $49,000.  The money raised from the overwhelmingly generous support of the bidders on the evening will go directly to the establishment and implementation of professional development, research and educational opportunities designed encourage and assist the involvement of young people in the Australian beef industry.  READ MORE ABOUT THE AUCTION RESULTS AND THE ANGUS FOUNDATION HERE

A big thank you goes out to the Roundup Organising Committee, led by Coordinator Toni Nugent and Chair Annie Pumpa, the sponsors, ballot cattle providers, volunteers and parents, without whose support the Roundup would not be possible.  The final thank you goes to the wonderful participants for joining Angus Australia for the 2024 Angus Youth National Roundup. 

DAY 1: Wednesday, 10th January 2024

DAY 2: Thursday, 11th January 2024

DAY 3: Friday, 12th January 2024

DAY 4: Saturday, 13th January 2024



Junior Judging 

Pee Wees
Champion: Joey Tindal
Reserve Champion: Ella Cannon 

Top Five:
Zara McGilchrist
Harriet McCrohon
Emma Godbolt


Champion: Josh Hartup
Reserve Champion: Gus Spry 

Top Five:
Sam Robson
William Tindal
Annabelle McCrohon


Champion: Emily Hann
Reserve Champion: Henry Brewer 

Top Five:
Maddison Hann,
Grace Newcombe
Brianna White


Champion: Paige Hatton
Reserve Champion: Angus Johnson 

Top Five:
Darby McClaren
Sarah Randle
Eden Kaminski


Champion: Charlotte Nugent
Reserve Champion: Thomas Febey 

Top Five:
Chloe Bailey
Micquella Grima
Matilda Salter

Grand Champion Junior Judge:
Charlotte Nugent 



Champion: Macie Iseppi 
Reserve: Ella Cannon 

Top Five:
Elsie Stevens
Lili Steinbeck
Indie Miller

Encouragement Awards:
Sophie Taylor
Harriet McCrohon


Champion: Max White
Reserve: Charlotte Hann 

Top Five:
Alister Gapes
Sam Robson
Lucy Taylor

Encouragement Awards:
Ned Dodds
Aiden Rudder


Champion: Maddison Hann
Reserve: Emily Hann 

Top Five:
Isaac Bennetts
Henry Brewer
Rosie Sutherland

Encouragement Awards:
Flynn Semmens
Brianna O’Donnell


Champion: Ollie Mendham
Reserve: Eden Kaminski 

Top Five:
Zanna Spence
Paige Hatton
Matthia Rudder

Encouragement Awards:
Tara Hughes
Reagan O’Donnell


Champion: Casey Halliday
Reserve: Charlie Salter

Top Five:
Micquella Grima
Jake Turner
Chloe Bailey

Encouragement Awards:
Jess Johnstone
Olivia Baird 

Grand Champion Herdsperson: Sophie Halliday 


Pee Wees 

Champion: Austin Hann
Reserve Champion: Gus Harrington 


Champion:  Josh Hartup
Reserve Champion: Max White  


Champion: Jack Robson
Reserve Champion: Henry Brewer  


Champion: Lily Moore
Reserve Champion: Paige Hutton  


Champion: Casey Halliday
Reserve Champion: Ally Bogie  

Grand Champion Parader: Lily Moore

Junior Female 

Champion: Hollywood Thea Vanessa T81 exhibited by Nicola Miller
Reserve Champion: Spring Hill Abigail U121 exhibited by Joey Tindal  

Intermediate Female  

Champion: Flemington Dream T56 exhibited by Sam Robson
Reserve Champion: PC Miss Q170 Capatalist T068 exhibited by Max Taylor  

Senior Female 

Champion: Flemington Dandaloo T49 exhibited by Jack Robson
Reserve Champion: Flemington L612 Serene T12 exhibited by Jake Turner  

Bull Class 

Champion: Spring Hill Broken Bow T219 exhibited by Josh Halliday
Reserve Champion: Spring Hill Junior T248 exhibited by Sophie Halliday  

Commercial Class 

Champion: Goondoola Tarzan T37 exhibited by Lucy Chapman
Reserve Champion: Blue Gene Mouse exhibited Rhonda Harrington and Katelyn Craig  

Bred and Owned 

Champion: JSRL Pacific Anita T80 exhibited by Jack Robson
Reserve Champion: WFB Red Dina T121 exhibited by Max White  

Supreme Exhibit 

Flemington Dandaloo T49 exhibited by Jack Robson  

Special Awards 

Best Presented Animal:
Brooke Iseppi

Best Maintained Stall:
White Family Beef

Champion Team:
Dalwhinnie Angus

Intermediate Bursary:
Charlton Skirving

Senior Bursary:
Charlie Salter

Angus Australia Business Branding Award:
Darby McClaren

Merridale Angus Aspiring Breeder Award:
Thomas Febey

EJ Angus Encouragement Award:
Brianna O’Donnell

Matthew George Citizenship Award:
Darby McClaren

Top of the Range Meat Co. Internship:
Isabelle Preston

2024 NH Foods Angus Youth National Roundup Marketing Competition:  

Pee Wees and Juniors
Champion: Elsie Stevens 
Reserve: Charlotte Hann
Sub-Intermediates and Intermediates
Champion: Heidi Zwiers 
Reserve: Isabelle Preston 





Look out in the upcoming Autumn Angus Bulletin for a full wrap up of the 2024 NH Foods Angus Youth National Roundup!  

Please visit the Showcase by Branded Ag Roundup Gallery to see all the action.  CLICK HERE

Feature Image: Participants at the 2024 NH Foods Australia Angus Youth National Roundup. Image Showcase by Branded Ag