The Stock Agent’s Toolkit has been designed for stock agents across Australia and New Zealand as a clear, simple, and effective place to learn to interpret and understand the evolving amount of information available when considering purchasing registered Angus bulls.

Stock Agents play a critical role in the transaction of information and decision making between the seedstock producer and the commercial breeder, with this in mind a series of eight short videos and summarised written content has been developed. The video content supplements the traditional written content by allowing a variety of learning styles to take advantage of the content.

The Stock Agents Toolkit includes key components such as:

  • The role genetics plays in my client’s herd?
  • Interpreting and understanding the information in Angus sale catalogues
  • What tools are available to identify the right genetics for my client?
  • DNA – Parent Verification, Genomics and Genetic Conditions
  • What do you need to do before starting to look at bulls?
  • How do I find bulls to suit my client’s needs?
  • Why is focusing on genetics a worthwhile exercise?
  • Selecting your next Angus bull

Each of the eight modules were born out of discussion with leading stock agents in the industry, helping to identify the key areas where agents and clients could conduct some pre-game (prior to sire purchasing) discussions and planning to ensure the sires being evaluated met the client’s breeding objective and were going to contribute the most amount of genetic gain in the traits of importance first.

Although the Stock Agents toolkit is designed for stock agents, the messages and content also relate to many seedstock and commercial Angus breeders and the benefits of using the content as a discussion point in planning for the upcoming breeding season will be long lasting for the supply chain.

If your Stock Agency would like more information on the Stock Agents toolkit please contact Jake Phillips on 0401261217 and visit the Angus Education Centre to review the Stock Agents Toolkit module



The performance of a bull is largely influenced by the genetics and the environment. The way a bull presents on sale day is often a reflection of the environment it has been raised in up until that point. Utilising breeding decision tools will give a more accurate indication of the animals true breeding value, tools such as EBVs should be considered to assist in making informed decisions regarding sire selection.


With more and more information on animals’ and their breeding values becoming available it is important to be able to understand and interpret the information that is presented in a sale catalogue.


Estimated Breeding Values are a tool to predict an animal’s true breeding value which is defined as its genetic merit for each trait.


DNA technology is being routinely used to provide a quality assurance step in verifying recorded pedigrees , for genomic evaluation and inclusion into the TACE analysis to provide more information on the genes its carrying earlier in the animals life and with greater comparison, and for testing of the 9 genetic conditions monitored by Angus Australia.


There are a few simple steps to help find the right bull for clients; define the target market; review the available selection indexes and define the breeding objective. You can then identify a suitable seedstock producer who produces bulls that meet your clients breeding objective and have been raised in a way that will work in your clients environment.


Angus Australia has searching capabilities through Angus Select on the Angus Australia website. Angus Select helps find animals for sale or who have genetics for sale which can be searched across catalogues listed with Angus Australia. By registering to use Angus Select you will get access to the full amount of information available on each animal.


The Angus Sire Benchmarking Program (ASBP) has demonstrated that there is great potential to achieve genetic improvement in Angus breeding programs by utilising selection tools, such as Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) and Selection Indexes.


Choosing your bull is an important task, with many things to think about before you make your selections. Whether you are selecting bulls from an auction, a sale, or from within your own breeding program, there are a number of things to consider. A single bull’s genetic influence has the potential to significantly impact the future direction of your herd, so it is important to choose wisely.

By Jake Phillips, Extension Manager

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