Angus Australia, in association with Zoetis and Neogen, is pleased to announce that a “Standalone Full Genetic Test Panel” panel is now available to Angus Australia members.  

This standalone test will include all 11 Genetic Conditions and traits: 

  • Arthrogryposis multiplex (AM)
  • Contractual arachnodactyly (CA)
  • Developmental duplications (DD)
  • Dwarfism (DW)
  • Horns (HH)
  • Alpha-mannosidosis (MA)
  • Muscular hypertrophy (MH)
  • Neuropathic hydrocephalus (NH)
  • Oculocutaneous hypopigmentation (OH)
  • Red gene (RG)
  • Oesteopetrosis (OS)

The “Standalone Full Genetic Test Panel” is suited to testing influential animals within a breeding program, such as sires or donor dams.   

Tip:  Members whose animals have already had a full genomic profile tested but require the genetic conditions may find this test suitable for their situation.  

Please note that the Angus Australia DNA Test Request Forms have been updated to include these tests.  

A column has been included titled FULL GENETIC TEST PANEL in both Neogen and Zoetis order forms which is available now on the Angus Australia website.  

Zoetis have introduced a standalone test for Horns (HH) and has been updated in the Zoetis DNA Test Request forms.   

For further information and details on the pricing of these tests please visit the Angus Australia website or contact Angus Australia at or on (02) 6773 4600.  

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Tips for the Collection and Submission of DNA Samples 

Angus Australia has launched a brand-new module in the Angus Education Centre that assists members in the collection and submission of DNA samples. This module outlines the best-practice collection, storage and submission guidelines for each sample type as well as providing helpful links and tips.  LEARN MORE