Angus Australia is saddened to hear of the passing of Miss Jill Grieve. 

Jill was the beloved sister of Peter Grieve, Talooby Angus and someone who held the Angus breed very close to her heart. 

Angus Australia’s President, Erica Halliday acknowledged the dedication Jill had to the breed. 

So many men receive recognition in the beef industry but few women and Jill Grieve deserves our recognition and our thanks.’ 

‘She took upon herself to selflessly promote the Angus breed at a time when they were not even popular to the general Australian public and designed and marketed Angus Australia merchandise from AqQuip to Sydney Show and the Angus Show and Sale.’ 

It is indeed a sad day at Talooby but for the rest of us as well who knew her.’ 

A funeral will be held at 2pm Wednesday 31st August at St John’s The Baptist Anglican Church, Mudgee NSW. The service will be available to view online at

Image caption: Miss Jill Grieve, pictured with her brother Peter Grieve and Ted Laurie at Hunter Valley Angus Breeders Group dinner in 2018.