Members interested in learning more regarding the changes to EBVs as a result of the Annual Enhancements being made to TACE for 2022 are invited to join a number of upcoming events where further explanation of the changes will take place.

 Southern Service Providers Workshop

A face-to-face workshop held in Melbourne, specifically catering to the needs of consultants, semen companies and agents – bringing them up to speed with all the latest developments from Angus Australia relevant to their clients.

Thursday 8th of December 2022

8:30 am to 12:30 pm

Best Western Airport Motel and Convention Centre, 33 Ardie Street, Attwood, VIC 3049 


Member Focus Group Webinars

Members are invited to participate in focus group webinar discussions hosted by Angus Australia staff via Zoom. The focus groups will be held at 12 midday AEDT for the week commencing Monday 12th of December.

To participate, members are asked to submit an Expressions of Interest.



Alternatively, contact staff at Angus Australia directly.

Jake Phillips

02 6773 4625

Jen Peart

02 6773 4644

Nancy Crawshaw

02 6773 4643

Did you miss Angus Connect?

The event covered the significant enhancements being made to the calculation of Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) for Angus cattle in Australia and New Zealand to be released in December.

Opening the event was General Manager of Genetic Improvement, Christian Duff who announced the components of the 2022 Annual TACE Enhancements and gave a brief overview of changes

“The annual updates that are made to the TransTasman Angus Cattle Evaluation ensure that the EBVs published for Angus animals continue to be the best possible estimate of an animal’s breeding value, maximising the genetic improvement opportunities in Angus breeding programs” said Mr Duff.

Speaking at the event was Dr Steve Miller and Dr Andrew Swan, both of AGBU, and Angus Australia’s Andrew Byrne who covered the new enhancements being implemented and their impact on the TACE analysis and the resulting EBVs.

Variance Components and Other Enhancements

As the most significant of the upcoming enhancements, variance components are expected to result in some significant changes in carcase traits EBVs. Andrew Byrne described variance components as three key ‘ingredients’ – heritability, correlations and adjustment factors. During his presentation, Mr Byrne illustrated the considerable increase in data over the last decade (table 1) that has enabled the re-estimation of the variance components which were last recalibrated in 2012 from data collected in 2010. The increase in available data was most notable for carcase traits, days to calving and net feed intake – making them a better prediction of genetic merit.

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