Generating URL links for a group of animals

Generating URL links for a group of animalsBanner

Generating URL links for a group of animals

Users of Angus.Tech have the option to copy URL links for individual animals or if the animals are contained in one of the Angus.Tech catalogues, a list of URLS for all the animals in the catalogue can be generated.

1. From the either the sale or semen catalogue summary page within Angus.Tech, identify the catalogue you wish to generate URL links from.

The feature is available for sale and semen catalgoues to registered users of Angus.Tech

2. Place the cursor over the catalogue row, which will turn a pale blue colour. You will need to do this from the catalogue summary page without the catalogue being open.


3. When the row has been illuminated, a lightning bolt will be visible in the far right column of the animals row. Click the lightning bolt and from the drop down box select ‘Download Animal URLs’.

4. A box will appear and a .CSV document generated. The .CSV contains the lot number, animal ID, animal name, single animal URL and vendor comments for each animal listed in the catalogue.

The link will take users to a summary page on the animal which includes basic details, pedigree, EBV and sale information.

Details such as pedigree, genetic condition status or EBV information can be exported with the use of the report centre.