Report Centre – Printing Animal Reports

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Printing Results from Angus.Tech

Once you have completed a search or are viewing one of the catalogues available in Angus.Tech:

1. Under search options, select ‘Go to Report Centre’ .   The report centre contains two types of reports: Generate reports or Analyse reports.  Generate reports let you pull data off the database and analyse reports let you analyse your search results further.

2. There are four options to pull data off the database based on how the results are displayed.

  • Search Result Listing (PDF) – Produces a PDF with each animal on their own row, listed down the page
  • Search Results Listing (CSV) – Produces a CSV or Excel document with each animal on their own row, listed down the page
  • Detailed Animal Reports (PDF) – Produces a PDF with a one page summary of each animal in your search
  • Registration Certificates (PDF) – Produces a PDF copy of the animals registration certificate

3.  Once the report has opened, you will be able to print. The procedure for printing will be dependant on the program you are using.