Verified Black Angus Beef and Verified Angus Beef are the two verification endorsing marks of Angus Australia, the representative of all Australian Angus farmers. These endorsements provide superior brand recognition coupled with integrity and assurance that any Angus brand carrying these are genuine Angus beef.

Our flagship verification, Verified Black Angus Beef, is a purebred black Angus and Verified Angus Beef are cattle with a minimum Angus breed content of 75% that must be sired by an Angus bull.

Angus Brand Verification has continually developed to clearly define genetic and phenotypic guidelines that all cattle must meet to be included in the program along with DNA validation checks, exacting supply chain documentation requirements demonstrating identification and segregation and operational procedures for feedlots and processors that are reviewed at 6 monthly audits.

This program is backed by the ISO:9001 international standard of excellence in Quality Management Systems.

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Validated by independent verifier Angus Australia, the representative of all Australian Angus farmers
Collaborative marketing strategies with exclusive access to Angus Australia members
Supported by an Angus Australia Verification Statement
Development of strong long-term supply channels
Marketing and educational support
Reduces the risk of ‘imposter’ Angus brands gaining market share
Heightened demand over non-verified Angus brands
Greater industry and consumer recognition
Enjoys prestige and premiums throughout the food service industry worldwide

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Angus Brand Verification began in 1995 with the launch of the Certified Australian Angus Beef (CAAB) brand. The program arose following several years of developing and testing during the mid-1990s to provide a mechanism to ensure that beef sold under this brand was genuinely Angus.

The CAAB brand, managed by Angus Australia subsidiary company Certified Angus Group, provided the blueprint and inspiration for the development of numerous commercial Angus brands in Australia from that point forward.

2017 marked the conclusion of the CAAB brand and the integration of Certified Angus Group into Angus Australia signifying the maturation of the growth of commercial Angus beef brands in Australia.