The Farmer

Connecting farmers to the supply chain through integrity-based systems ensuring all Angus cattle meet exacting guidelines and are accompanied by essential documentation providing assurance of Angus breed claims.

Grain Finishing

Ensuring strategy and operations align to verification requirements guaranteeing that animal breed, health and welfare, and records maintain segregation and identify individual animals.


In depth 6 monthly audits validating Angus breed claims at critical control points and implementing action, if required, to ensure product integrity and quality.

Market Support

Cattle supply and brand marketing support through our network of over 4000 farmers through the supply chain ensuring superior brand recognition at world leading international tradeshows.


Delivering education and support through value adding activities to Verified Black Angus Beef brands throughout the supply chain from the farmer to the customer.

The Customer

Building stronger customer loyalty and confidence in their choice to purchase Verified Black Angus Beef through the trusted endorsement of all Australian Angus farmers.