DNA Collection & Submission CHECKLIST

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CHECKLIST: Considerations Pre-Sample Collection and Submission


Consideration 1: Membership

  • Ensure you are a current Member of Angus Australia and are enrolled in the Registration and Genetic Evaluation Services
  • Submitted registrations for animals being tested
  • Pending registrations can be submitted when parent verification is being used to confirm parentage.
  • Ensure you have signed the DNA testing Member Agreement and Genetic Evaluation Member Agreement

Consideration 2: Develop a Genotyping Strategy

  • Which animals to test?
    • Identify which animals you wish to test. There are a number of strategies that can be implemented when it comes to choosing the animals to genotype such as testing high value/impact individuals (ie donor cows, AI sires), replacement heifers or sale bull teams. The benefits of genomically testing an animal include; more and higher accuracy information at a younger age which allow for selection decisions to be made with confidence at a younger age, and more information on hard to measure traits, such as carcase traits.
  • Which tests to order?
    • There are a number of tests/applications of a DNA sample. These include genetic condition testing, parent verification, BVDV testing and the inclusion of an animal’s genomics in TACE genetic evaluation. Depending on the intended use of the animal in question dictates the recommended tests conducted through genotyping. For example, if a bull is to be used as an AI sire, Angus Australia regulations require genetic conditions testing to be conducted, while the incorporation of genomics into the TACE evaluation bolsters accuracy and allows for selection decisions to be made earlier while an animal may not be old enough to have progeny or a significant amount of performance information collected on it.

Guide to Developing a Genomics Testing Strategy

Consideration 3: Planning

  • When will the results be needed? Allow 6 – 8 weeks for results to be returned. Ideally, use the TACE Analysis dates to identify when you need the results by (e.g. selection of sale animals) and work back the recommended 6 – 8 weeks to identify the best date to submit DNA samples. NOTE: If a sample fails to yield a usable amount of DNA, the animal is likely to have to be re-tested which takes an additional 6 – 8 weeks.
  • How will the samples be collected?
  • Order required collectors, collecting equipment and postage equipment (such as TSU racks).

Consideration 4: Order Forms

  • Complete the DNA test request form or use the features of Angus ONLINE to order the DNA Services
  • DNA test request form or DNA Order Summary document (if lodged DNA test request via Angus ONLINE) is printed and ready to be included with samples being posted

Consideration 5: Sample Collection

  • Sample/s collected following the correct sample collection procedure? The collection procedure is laid out, step-by-step, in this module.
  • Correct animal ID assigned to sample and sample ID correctly recorded on DNA test request form
  • Samples have been stored in cool, dry and dark place, in accordance with the instructions outlined in this module prior to being sent to Angus Australia.

Consideration 6: Submitting Samples to Angus Australia

  • Samples are submitted accompanied by the DNA test request form or DNA Order Summary document (if lodged DNA test request via Angus ONLINE)
  • Samples have been submitted using the appropriate and recommended methods and in accordance with the postage recommendations as outlined in this module.
  • After submitting samples, has a confirmation email been received? This may take several days as the samples travel in the post to the Angus Australia office.

Guide to Collecting Genomic Information