Semen Samples

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Semen Samples

Semen samples are most commonly used when DNA testing AI sires, imported sires, or old sires. Angus Australia will only accept unused straws.

When submitting semen samples, it is best to remove the straw from the liquid nitrogen and allow it to gently thaw in the refrigerator or at room temperature. Do not store straws at room temperature for long periods of time before submitting the sample as it may develop mould.

When submitting semen samples for DNA testing it is important to remember that the straw, if exposed to direct sunlight, will cause the DNA to denature, resulting in the sample being unusable for DNA testing.

A surcharge may apply when submitting semen samples for DNA testing, refer to the current fees for DNA services for further details.

It is not possible to store the surplus semen sample for future DNA testing of the animal, and so DNA needs to be extracted and stored at the laboratory.