DNA – Parent Verification, Genomics and Genetic Conditions

DNA – Parent Verification, Genomics and Genetic ConditionsBanner

The use of DNA technology is used by Angus breeders for three main reasons.

  1. DNA parent verification – Where the DNA is analysed to compare against the sire and/or dam’s DNA profile to confirm the document parentage. This is rapidly becoming a quality assurance step many proactive Angus breeders are choosing to take.
  2. Genomics – Using DNA technology can help predict future profitability potential by measuring the gene markers the animal carries which assists in providing genetic merit on traits early in the animal’s life or on difficult to measure traits.
  3. Genetic conditions – A genetic condition is caused by an abnormality in an individual’s DNA. These abnormalities can range from a single gene mutation to the addition or loss of an entire chromosome. Angus Australia currently monitors nine genetic conditions and routinely reports on four of these conditions which are displayed with an animal’s details.

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