What tools are available for identifying the right genetics for my clients?

What tools are available for identifying the right genetics for my clients?Banner

Estimated Breeding Values are a tool to estimate what impact genetics will contribute to the true breeding value of an animal.

Since the Since the 1980’s Angus breeders have been involved in one of the most comprehensive genetic evaluations in the world. Breeders of registered Angus cattle who are also a member of the TransTasman Angus Cattle Evaluation (TACE) can submit information on the performance of an animal which then is used in calculating more than 25 Estimated Breeding Values.

The TACE analysis utilises pedigree information (Who its related to), performance information (measurements on itself and its relatives) and Genomic information (genes carried by the animal and others that it may or may not be related to).

EBVs are expressed in the units to which they are measured in (e.g. kg for weight, mm for fat) and are reported as the difference compared to a historical average.

The main role of an EBV is for breeders to be able to compare the breeding value of two animals

EBVs reliably predict the progeny difference in performance which has continually been validated over the past 12 years through the Angus Sire Benchmarking Program (ASBP).

Percentiles indicate where the animal’s EBV sits in comparison to the breed and is calculated fortnightly throughout the year with every new TACE analysis.

Selection indexes are utilised by livestock breeders of many species around the world and are considered an essential part of any modern livestock breeding program.

Selection indexes aid in the selection of animals for use within a breeding program where there are several traits of economic or functional importance by providing an overall “score” of an animal’s genetic value. Selection indexes are calculated for a specific breeding purpose and are calculated based on weightings placed on individual traits that are deemed to be economically important.

A decision-making support tool is available to help you and your clients find the index that best suits your production scenario.

A selection index is a valuable sorting tool or an additional selection criteria to filter prospective sire options by ranking available bulls utilising the index that most aligns with your client’s production system.

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