Summary – Selecting your next Angus bull

Summary – Selecting your next Angus bullBanner

Reviewing each module of the Stock Agents Toolkit including the written and video content and the links to additional resources will leave you well placed to find the right sires for your clients this breeding season.

Angus Australia’s selecting bulls guide is a fantastic resource to refer to when approaching the upcoming bull sale season with your clients.

Focusing on  finding a seedstock breeder who can provide bulls of superior genetic merit, particularly in traits important to your client, will ultimately increase the likelihood on meeting the desired market goals.

Understanding the non-genetic influences on an animals appearance and performance will ensure you and your client appreciate the phenotype of the bull but also understand the role genetics play in the differences observed in the performance of progeny.

Understanding TACE EBVs and Indexes will ensure you are best placed to navigate the influence genetics have on the breeding program and what tools are available to help make informed decisions about improving the rates of genetic gain.

Considering genetic conditions status of an individual animal will also leave you and your client with the knowledge of the likelihood of a genetic condition being inherited by its progeny.

By reviewing the sire and parent verification codes as part of the animal’s details, purchasers will have extra confidence that the declared parentage has undergone an additional quality assurance step and has been successfully verified.

To enable the bull you have selected the best chance of  passing on its superior genetics to the progeny, Angus Australia recommends looking for bulls that have undergone a bull breeding soundness exam prior to purchase.

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