Getting Ready to Order Angus HeiferSELECT

Getting Ready to Order Angus HeiferSELECTBanner

Before ordering Angus HeiferSELECT tests, you should:

  • Ensure that you are a current, financial member of Angus Australia and have nominated that you wish to utilise Angus Australia’s genetic evaluation services. Membership application forms are available from the Angus Australia website, or by contacting staff at Angus Australia on +61 2 6773 4600.
  • Obtain an Angus HeiferSELECT Order Form. Order forms can be downloaded from the Angus Australia website.
  • Obtain DNA sample collection kits from either Angus Australia, Zoetis Animal Genetics or Neogen Australasia. DNA samples can be provided as either tail hair, or tissue using the Allflex Tissue Sampling Unit (TSU) technology.
  • Ensure that a DNA profile is recorded with Angus Australia for the sires of any heifers for which you wish to obtain DNA sire identification.

Angus Australia acknowledges the funds provided by the Australian Government through the Meat & Livestock Australia Donor Company (MDC).  

This resource was created as a result of a collaboration between Angus Australia and Meat & Livestock Australia Donor Company (MDC) (Project P.PSH.1063).