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A range of information is provided on Angus bulls that describes the genetics of each bull that is available for selection.

Angus Australia conducts the TransTasman Angus Cattle Evaluation (TACE) to generate Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) for a range of economically important traits, as well as a range of Selection Indexes and Research Breeding Values (RBVs) for developing traits of interest.

TACE EBVs consider pedigree, performance and genomic information that is available on a bull and/or its relatives to provide an estimate of the bull’s genetic merit (or breeding value) for each trait.

Ten selection indexes are calculated for Angus bulls within the TACE analysis, including the Angus Breeding Index ($A), Domestic Index ($D), Heavy Grain Index ($GN) & Heavy Grass Index ($GS).

The ten selection indexes assist producers using Angus bulls in making “balanced” selection decisions, taking into account the relevant growth, carcase & fertility attributes of each bull to identify animals that are most suitable for use within their particular commercial enterprise. The selection indexes calculated for Angus bulls reflect both the short term profit generated by an animal through the sale of their progeny, and the longer term profit generated by their daughters in a self-replacing cow herd.

Further information regarding TACE EBVs and selection indexes is available in the Understanding EBVs and Selection Indexes module.