Other considerations

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Other selection criteria of importance that may also be considered when selecting Angus bulls for use in beef breeding programs include:

Temperament: In all situations, only bulls with acceptable temperament should be selected.

Pedigree: Maintaining genetic diversity is an important consideration in any breeding program and the pedigree of the bulls that are available for selection should be carefully compared to the pedigree of the females to which they will be joined. Any bulls that are too closely related should not be considered for selection.

Coat and hide characteristics: When selecting bulls for use in Northern Australia, selection for bulls with slicker coats may improve their adaptability and performance post relocation, particularly in areas where there are high tick burdens or a very high heat load.

Other: Any other traits of specific importance to the individual breeding program should also be considered. For example, many people selecting Angus bulls will consider traits such as muscularity (as assessed visually), maturity pattern, or various assessments of animal type. It is important to balance selection of any traits of specific importance based on their influence of the profitability of the beef enterprise, and avoid the distractions of aesthetic features.