Genetic Conditions in Angus

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A genetic condition is caused by an abnormality in an individual’s DNA. These abnormalities can range from a single gene mutation to the addition or loss of an entire chromosome.

Genetic conditions have been identified in most species, including humans, and over 400 genetic conditions have been identified in beef cattle. Approximately one quarter of these are caused by a single gene mutation, making them easy to manage through DNA testing. Historically, before DNA tests were available, genetic conditions were managed by extensive progeny testing or by eradicating all known relatives of the affected animal. This resulted in production losses and the potential loss of superior genetics.

Angus Australia currently monitors nine genetic conditions. The following module will overview each of this genetic conditions and the implications for managing and reporting the conditions with Angus Australia.

Angus Australia acknowledges the funds provided by the Australian Government through the Meat & Livestock Australia Donor Company (MDC).  

This resource was created as a result of a collaboration between Angus Australia and Meat & Livestock Australia Donor Company (MDC) (Project P.PSH.1063).

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