Angus Australia


Submitting Performance Information for Research

All performance data should be submitted directly to Angus Australia.

The format in which data can be submitted differs subject to the type of information being provided, with data potentially accepted in the one of the following formats:

• Compatible herd recording computer program

Many of the commercially available herd recording computer programs (e.g. StockBook, HerdMASTER, Cattlelink, koolcollect) have the facility to submit data electronically to Angus Australia.

• Microsoft Excel templates

Standard Microsoft Excel templates are available that enable data to be submitted electronically to Angus Australia. Copies of the templates are available from the Angus Australia website, with a specific template available for the submission of research trait information.

The following formats are not suitable for the submission of performance information for research traits:

• Submission facility on Angus Australia website

• Paper forms

Data should be submitted to Angus Australia shortly after collection, with no limit on the number of times that data can be submitted throughout each year.

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