Suggestions, Extension and Feedback

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If you encounter any places where information is not displaying correctly in Angus ASBPSELECT, then please let us know.

We welcome your feedback on the application and suggestions for improvement.

Our software development team are continuing to make enhancements to the system.


For those wishing to undertake further readings and find out more about the ASBP program, some links are provided below. Research has shown that by putting context around theory and instruction, users will deepen their understanding of key concepts.

For an overview of the Angus Sire Benchmarking Program, CLICK HERE.

The following reports show numbers of progeny analysed, progeny average values and sire rankings for a range of traits recorded in the ASBP. Each report also includes a useful section describing each of the TACE EBVs and Selection Indexes. Further, each report contains a listing of all sires in each Cohort, with rank leaders being highlighted in green.

Progeny Performance Report – Cohort 1

Progeny Performance Report – Cohort 2

Progeny Performance Report – Cohort 3

Progeny Performance Report – Cohort 4

Progeny Performance Report – Cohort 5


mail-1454734_1280 If reading this material has provoked any questions on the topic with you, please get in touch with us.

The easiest method is to email us via , and write a few brief sentences about what you would like to discuss.